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Fri, Apr. 1st, 2005, 12:30 am
frayed: List of Day of Silence Participants

Hey guys. I need some help. Here is a rough list of those I know are or are possibly participating in the Day of Silence. I know I'm forgetting people but this is the list I have from signups. Please comment with revisions or additions!

Ashley Seide
Lindsay Weber
Chris H-V
Arapaie K-B
David Espinoza
Lily Lapidese
Jessie Kaiser
Samantha Kaiser
Andrew Oberstein
Jessica Nguyen
Liliana Alvarez
Brittany Whitlow
Susan Staine
Rochelle Bailis
Jack Johnson
Ilan Goldstein

Possible but unconfirmed:
Carter Rubin
Lizzy Karp
Kelsey Johnson
Martin Lopez-Iu
Sean Daneshgar

Please let me know. I need to get the list to Dr. A soonish.